About Great Pyrenees:

The Great Pyrenees is one of the oldest natural breed of dogs.  Fossil remains of this type of dog that have been found in Europe date to the Bronze age (1800 to 1000 B.C) and even earlier ancestors are believed to have originated in the Middle East.  The Babylonians depicted similar dogs in their art in around 3000 B.C.  The pyrenees we know today was developed in the Pyrenees Mountains of France for rugged mountain work; guarding flocks against wolves and bears, and drawing sleds.  The Pyrenees weather-resistent coat allowed it to withstand the intense cold of the mountains.  

Great Pyrenees are beautiful, hardy dogs that need human companionship and attention.  However, they are not for the apartment dweller or a haphazard dog owner.  Great Pyrenees shed a lot and are meant for outdoor living.  In fact, they prefer to be outside to run/work and like to bark.  They require a lot of exercise and need a large amount of space.  Great Pyrenees are very devoted to their family and tend to make friends slowly.  They are wary of strangers and should be watched when a stranger enters their turf.  They make great guards and will not hesitate to protect their family.  When placed with livestock they become excellent guard dogs that will protect their herds from predators and have been known to challenge or attack other dogs.  

Our Pyrs were raised to be livestock guards and interact with our herd of myotonic goats.  We chose them because they are large enough to intimidate or kill a predator, bond well with other animals and are protective of their family.  If you are considering purchasing a pup to eventually use as a guard dog, you might want to consider an older pup 12-18 months who has been trained unless you already have a LG dog.

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