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Goat Pricing:

We are still in the process of selling our herd to be able to spend more time with family and our grand children.  
A portion of our herd will be transitioned to my sister at Fuzzy Farm Fainters. 

We have a nice selection of myotonics so now is a great opportunity to get a nice starter herd.

Doe kids up to  6 months are $150
Buck kids up to 6 months are $100

A $50 deposit is required to hold a goat until it is picked up.
Quality 100% myotonics are our top priority.
Sire: C9803 Duffy Fainting Goat Farm Leon
Spring 2019 Kids 
Sire: C9811 Duffy Fainting Goat Farm Thunder Cloud
Updated 3/24/18
Angel Cream
The Dams:
The Dams:
Angel Cream Doeling
DOB:  2/27/19
Angel Cream Buckling
DOB:  2/27/19
The Dams:
Sire: Slate Brook Farm Tank
Moxy Moo
Moxy Moo Buckling
DOB:  1/7/19
Almond Joy
Jules Buckling A
DOB:  1/10/19
Jules Buckling B
DOB:  1/10/19
Anna Doeling
DOB:  2/15/19
Anna Buckling
DOB:  2/15/19
Willow Buckling A
DOB:  2/13/19
Willow Doeling 
DOB:  2/13/19
Willow Buckling B
DOB:  2/13/19
Avery Doeling
DOB: 2/26/19
Avery Buckling
DOB: 2/26/19
Truffles Buckling A
DOB: 1/10/18
Truffles Buckling B
DOB: 1/10/18
Pepper Doeling A
DOB: 1/8/19
Pepper Doeling B
DOB: 1/8/19
Almond Joy Doeling
DOB:  1/9/18
Almond Joy Buckling
DOB:  1/9/18
For Sale: $250
or $550 w/kids
For Sale: $175
or $400 w/kids
For Sale: $200
or $425 w/kids
Pepper Buckling
DOB: 1/8/19
C9805 Slate Brook Farm Dorothy (Dot) - DOB 2/19/14
Dam: Slate Brook Farm Peony
Sire: Slate Brook Farm Leon
C9812 Slate Brook Farm Brown Sugar - DOB 2/22/16
Dam: Slate Brook Farm Moxy Moo
Sire: Duffy Fainting Goat Farm Leon
For Sale: $400
For Sale: $350
On hold Kathy
On hold Kathy
On hold Kathy
On hold Charles
On hold Charles
Sold Sharon