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Goat Pricing:

We are still in the process of downsize our herd to be able to spend more time with family and our grand children.  
We are not  completely liquidating our herd but want to size down to a select few.  
We have a nice selection of myotonics so now is a great opportunity to get a nice starter herd.

Doe kids up to  6 months are $150
Buck kids up to 6 months are $100

Does 6 months to 1 year are $200
Bucks 6 months to 1 year are $125

Does over 1 year are $250 (See my does page for available goats)
Bucks over 1 year are $200

A $50 deposit is required to hold a goat until it is picked up.
Quality 100% myotonics are our top priority.
Sire: C9803 Duffy Fainting Goat Farm Leon
Spring 2018 Kids 
Sire: C9811 Duffy Fainting Goat Farm Thunder Cloud
Updated 3/24/18
Angel Cream Buckling
DOB:  6/26/18
Angel Cream Doeling
DOB:  6/26/18
Angel Cream
The Dams:
Brown Sugar Doeling A
DOB:  6/20/18
Brown Sugar Doeling B
DOB: 6/20/18
The Dams:
Phoebee Buckling
DOB:  6/21/18
Phoebee Doeling
DOB:  6/21/18
Brown Sugar
Rose Buckling
DOB:  6/16/18
Rose Doeling
DOB:  6/16/18
Julep Buckling
DOB: 6/20/18
On Hold Beth
On Hold Beth
On Hold Joe
On Hold Joe
On Hold Jeanette
On Hold Rachel