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Why did we choose myotonic goats?
Myotonic goats are a multi-purpose breed raised for meat, milk, and fiber. They are easy to raise, hardy, parasite resistant goats. Their myotonia also makes them easy to contain because they cannot jump fences. They are easy kidders with a gestation of five months Moms are very protective of their kids, although first time kidders may need some encouragement to clean and feed her kid. Most importantly, we chose myotonics because of their docile, calm nature and personality. Our goal is to produce healthy, structurally correct myotonics with great dispositions. After eight years we are proud to say our myotonics meet what we believe to be breed standard as described by the Myotonic Goat Registry. 
Thomas and Julie Kenyon
6455 Habgood Road 
Black Creek, NY 14714 
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Slate Brook Farm is located in Western New York, Allegany County approximately 75 miles south of Rochester. At Slate Brook Farm we have been breeding Myotonic goats since May of 2005 when we were first introduced to and fell in love with the breed. We carefully selected our herd from breeders across the United States which allowed us to expand our herd with different pedigrees and to have bucks and does that are not related for future breeding. We currently have a closed herd of 20 myotonics. We raise only myotonics and we do not cross breed in an effort to preserve the future of the traditional myotonic goat.